Do You Know What Happens in an Eye Examination?

Eye examinations are carried out by optometrists and usually, take about 30 to 40 minutes. Sometimes these tests can take longer if you need extra tests for some specific eye disorders. Along with testing eyes, the eye doctors in Phoenix AZ will determine the health of your eyes and look for signs of general health problems. Here is the list of steps your doctor in Phoenix will conduct an examination.

History and signs Before conducting any test, the professional will ask you the reason for coming for an examination. For example – whether it a routine checkup or you have come for some specific problem. If any problem exists, they will ask you for the symptoms. They will also ask you about your general health including any medication you are taking. You may also be asked if you have a history of wearing glasses or contact lens. Eye examination After checking your history, your doctor will examine both the outside and inside of your eyes. You may be asked to read letters on a chart. The inside of your eyes will be checked using an ophthalmoscope. The eye doctors in Phoenix AZ use this instrument to check structures such as lens inside your eyes, see signs of cataracts, and your retina. Vision When you are going for an eye examination, remember to take your glasses or contact lenses because your optometrist will measure your vision with and without glasses or lenses. Your eye doctor will conduct a series of test to find out the type and extent of any problem with your vision.

Eye movements and harmonization During an examination, eye movements and harmonization is also checked. This is done to examine if both the eyes are working together and that there is no undue stress on the eye muscles. Excellent muscle balance is important if you work on the computer or read a lot. Your doctor will have a detailed knowledge of the overall health of your eyes. At the end of the examination, you will be advised when you will come for the next eye examination and you will also get a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. If the health of your eyes is fine, they will provide you a statement that confirms your eyes do not need any correction. Apart from providing eye care examination, they will provide you emergency eye care services. In case you develop any emergency situation, you can get in touch with them.