Everything about Malta ordinary residence permit

This particular ordinary resident permit is given for individuals who plan to stay on Malta for a period of three months or more. If you want to obtain this residence permit then you need to register and apply for it. For such you need to fulfil some criteria given by the Maltese government. In this article, we tell you everything about the Malta ordinary residence permit.


If you are a citizen of Swiss, the European Union or the European Economic area then you are allowed to stay in Malta for the purpose of study, business or any economic reasons. Likewise, the non-nationals of the above-mentioned nations do not have any rights to stay in Malta unless they are granted permission. They need to follow strict restriction and sanctions if looking for a job or studies. These people are called as third-country citizens.


  • If you have the ORP, you can travel to Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and to most European countries without Visa.
  • This kind of residence program is specially designed for high worth individuals who run business.
  • The country of Malta is known for its stable government and good eco-friendly activities.
  • Malta has the world’s best and safest banking system as per the reports of the world economic forum.
  • The tax stricture of Malta is very less rigid and allows new businesses to flourish and doesn’t levy heavy tax unless your turn over is very high.

The right kind of procedure must be followed to apply for the Ordinary residence permit of Malta. Different forms must be filled based on various criteria of your current married state, your income, your nationality etc. If you are not aware of the rules and terms of the condition you should seek the help of an expert without fail.