Technology Within The Auto Industry

Vehicles has been made over 100s of years ago rather if it was steam-powered artillery carriers used for wars, toys for emperors or the first modern vehicle made by Karl Benz in 1886. Imagine now, technology has been growing so fast that there is now an inventions for modern day vehicles. One of these inventions are called, “Tesla supercharger”.

Tesla Supercharger?

The Tesla supercharger is tesla’s charging system that began in 2012 by a company in America called, “Tesla Inc.” located in Palo Alto, California. It was reported in December of 2018, that their Mercedes GLE Personal Lease Tesla charging stations had over 11,414 single Supercharger stalls in 1,375 locations worldwide and the numbers are still growing till this day. The first vehicle to use these charging networks was a car called, “Tesla Model S”. Years later, The Tesla company created the Tesla X and Tesla 3.

How Does It Work?

This Supercharger is a fast charging-station which packs 480-volt DC. Every Supercharger stall has a supply electrical power up to 120 kW DC for their 400-volt car battery pack. According to Tesla Inc. Since 2015, locations with charging stations has been intertwined with GPS navigation on supported cars. Making it easier to find one while on the go and in need for power. There’s also payment for electricity. which is performed in the supported vehicle or online. There are still older Tesla vehicles which have up to 400 kWh. Some also have unlimited for payment in credit. They also have an idle fee for those who occupies a Supercharger stall only after charging is completed.

Charging time is much like your ideal cellphone (depending on which one you have). For the Model S, it usually takes around 20 minutes to charge to up to half the battery, 75 minutes for it to reach its full battery. These stations gives off high-power DC charging power. According to Tesla Inc, the next version of charging vehicles is supposed to charge more, making it faster to charge your very own supported car.

They’re also Going Green

Slowly yet surely, Tesla Inc. expands their solar products and storage systems on their charging networks through many cities. One Mercedes GLE Used Cars of these products are called, “Powerpack” which is universal for all electric cars. The charging station will be equipped with solar arrays for local owners of the cars to drive during the day and/or night.

While driving on a nice sunny day, solar energy is contained within the Tesla’s battery packs. When the moon comes up, the Powerpack can release the sun’s energy power back to the charging station. Tesla made a promise to add more solar arrays and Powerpacks to charging stations, but the deployment has been limited. It’ll take time and patience before Tesla spreads solar energy and the Powerpacks. Will it be worth it?