A Complete Overview of Welding Techniques

Most welding in metal fabrication generally involves the use of several common metals such as steel, iron, aluminum, copper, and others which are joined via the use of various welding techniques. There is no single welding technique suitable for all industrial applications. Therefore, the fabrication industry has developed different techniques for welding various metals and you must choose the one that best suits your needs. It is important to find an experienced professional metal fabricator who can provide the appropriate equipment and welding techniques at competitive prices. Here are some of the most commonly used welding techniques:

MIG welding techniques are widely used for joining thin materials such as aluminum and stainless steel in sheets or in rods. An example of such a welding technique is gas in welding. In this technique, the wire is heated by an electrode and is passed through a tap. This method is used to join metallic objects with a minimum loss of weld quality.

Gas tungsten arc welding is another popular technique used to weld metals. In this technique, the arc is created between tungsten electrodes and the welding torch. The torch is operated with the help of an electric motor and an external fuel source. This technique is often used to weld aluminum and stainless steel where high strength is required. This method produces low-spatter and almost zero incidences of stray metal fragments during the welded joint.

Plasma welding or PASW is the most commonly used procedure in welding and it is preferred over welded gas tungsten-arc welding and gas tungsten-halogen welding. It is widely used in applications where the production cost is lower and the availability of skilled labor is higher. It can perform fast and accurate joinery jobs and is known for its durability.

MIG welders are the most commonly used in the welding industry today. They are available in various models and are equipped with high welding speeds and reliable pulse welding features. Flux-cored and flux shielded arc welding is the latest advancement in the welding industry. It uses a metal feeding mechanism that feeds the welding filler wire at a high welding speed. This is capable of welding thicker materials than the previous generation of arc welding machines.

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