The ultimate guide to tuning drum kits

After unboxing and setting up your favourite drum, you might go for the first beat and find it sound in the weirdest and most terrible tone. This is because the drum which you bought recently is still unturned. Tuning a drum kit requires in-depth knowledge and adequate experience. One must know all the steps and the tricks involved in setting it up in the proper way. To got you covered we have presented in this article the easiest and simple way to tune your drum kits.

The Steps Involved

You need not research anywhere extra if you are looking to complete the tuning process very quickly. The first and foremost step you need to do is to unpack and assemble the drum kit as mentioned in the manual. Then you have to remove the top part of the drum kit or its heads (both the top head and bottom head) with the help of your drum key. Now you need to replace the head by fixing a new one on the edge. After placing it you need to tighten the rods with the help of a screw and then place it firmly in the counter hoop that is present.

You need to twist and turn the rod and tighten them for a half-turn using your drum keys. Now you need to grip and tighten the rod of the drum that is present opposite to the rod you were working on previously. Place your index finger gently on the centre of the drum and start fine-tuning it by tapping frequently on the drum at a distance of one inch from the rim. Adjust accordingly until you find the right pitch. When you have set it properly repeat this process for all the drum top heads that are present on your kit.