Car Shipping And Transportation

Car shipping and transportation can be easily taken care of nowadays with new and great technology to help you get set-up and your car on the road in a matter of minutes. With Direct Express Auto Transport, you can now be sure to have the easiest and smoothest sailing car transport that you could have ever of imagined. I will explain to you why and how they have made of what used to be a hassle of vehicle transportation and shipping into a delightful and mysteriously easy task that you will never sweat the thought of ever again.

They now offer a step-by-step process that makes setting up your car transportation order a walk in the park. Some may even make the claim that Direct Express is the ‘number one’ and top dog car transport company around in this day in age. Enter the vehicles ‘from’ zip code, then the ‘to’ zip code, also input some information of the technicalities of your car, whether the car is running or not, and finally if you desire open or closed transport. From this information that you give, you will be given an instant online quote of the cost for them to ship your vehicle. Of course, enclosed shipping is going to be a little more pricey than open shipping (meaning that your car while be transported on a trailer that has no walls and no real protection from the outside forces and dangers versus and enclosed shipping container that will provide four sturdy walls around your vehicle that does protect it against the outside forces and dangers that enclosed transport is susceptible to) because they can only fit a lesser amount of vehicles in the open container versus a closed one.

The price will also depend on when you want to ship your vehicle, the more heads up you give them, the lesser the cost will be since they will have a longer time to figure out what they need to do to get to your vehicle and get it rolling, along with allowing them to better plan a more profitable shipment with more vehicles since they will have a longer time to conduct a thorough and efficient plan of action to transport as many vehicles as possible in a lesser amount of trips. Also, if this needs to be mentioned, the price is very dependent upon the distance of the trip that the car is going to be transported totals. The longer the trip, the more it’s going to cost to ship it. This is because it is going to cost more in fuel as you will burn more the farther you go, and also because it takes the driver more time to get from point a to point b and there will also be an increased amount of wear and tear upon the transportation vehicle and trailer combination. So, if you are looking to get your vehicle shipped sometime soon or sometime later, you should consider these guys as you will be able to get a quote instantly online and have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is going to get where it needs to go safely.