Signs and causes of sewage backup in your property

Water is both the friend and foe of man. If it is kept in check, it remains a friend but if it gets out of your control, it can prove to be your foe. It is a necessity for life. You need water to survive. You use it to quench your thirst, to clean yourself up, to cook and to clean everything that can be cleaned by water.

The harms that can be done to you by water, come in different farms and different levels of severity. Rainstorms, snowstorm and floods are among the sources from outside that cause water damage while broken pipes, clogged drains, broken sump pump and sewage backup are mostly among the sources from inside your property. Damage due to any of these would require immediate water damage restoration.

Sometimes, there are some signs through which you can get the idea that sewage backup has started and if you notice such signs in time, you can prevent the situation from worsening.


  • When water cannot pass through the pipes, this means that multiple drains have slowed down. This issue starts with the drains at the lowest level of your property. This means that the sewage has started coming up from the piping and sewer line. The slowness in draining of waste water at the lowest level is a sure sign.
  • When drain pipes work normally, the sewage goes outside your property through the pipes and there is no bad odor. But if you are smelling the bad smell of sewage coming from your drains, this means that the drains are unable to flow the waste water out to the mainline.
  • If you observe that sewage is oozing out of the clean-out pipe that is situated either in your basement or outside of your house and is directly connected to the sewer line, this also means that sewage backup is happening at your house.
  • While using water in your kitchen or toilet, if you observe sir bubbles that are coming up from the drains present there, them it is another sign of sewage backup as the wastewater is not flowing through your sewage system as it normally should.
  • Another sure sign of sewage backup is the blockage of more than one drains simultaneously at your business or residential place.

All of these signs might be observed because of different causes that lead to sewage backup. One of these causes includes tree roots that penetrate the sewer lines in search of water and then grow in size and block the line. Another one of the causes is a heavy rainstorm. If this happens for a long time, it can cause the sewer lines to reach the limit quickly and lead to sewage backup.

In the same way, items that should not be flushed, if enter into your plumbing pipes, can cause blockage of the sewer lines and cause backup. Lastly, if the old sewer pipes are damaged or broken, that would also lead to sewage backup.